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Holybull795 karma

That is amazing! Nice work! Drexel is one of my top choices for a Path A program, do my first question is: how do you like it there, and Philly in general?

Secondly: I have struggled with constant phlegm into the back of my throat. It's always thickened and very difficult to clear and I struggle to breathe well (even though I'm breathing just fine). I've struggled with this since I was very young, and I'm now 31F. I've seen a handful of otolaryngologists, but they seemed to just wave it off. It does interfere with my daily life, is embarrassing when I'm trying to clear it in public and I think also contributes to the headaches I get.

Surgery was performed on my sinuses, turbinates, and deviated septum, but that just made things worse and left me with a $30k+ bill. So, I get a little hesitant to pursue things further. I am also diagnosed with Lupus and Sjogrens Syndrome.

Do you have any general thoughts on the cause of this, and further recommendations? Or how to choose a good otolaryngologist?

Thank you, and keep up the excellent work!