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Hey Jeremiah!

Thanks for doing this! I'm the girl who hooked you up with edify on Facebook :P.

I always thought Victor was an interesting character that I wish they had elaborated a bit more upon. Since I understand Victor was a character that came out of a one-off appearance as Gus' messenger, I kinda wondered, how much of his idiosyncracies (like being super quiet, that cold hard gaze) are yours and how much of it was given to you by the writers?

Also, how was the experience of filming the box cutter scene? How did they even do that?

So glad this AMA came to fruition!

Also just putting this out there, I found myself constantly wondering what that said about me being attracted to Victor in all his scenes. You're super cute. :P

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Any time :p

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The Jerry Jackson cartoons are god damned brilliant. You must have seen a lot of bad flash in your day.

When did you start working in Flash? Was there an awkward stage à la Jerry Jackson?

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Thanks for the reply!

One more question. I kinda got the vibe that Victor hated Jesse partially because he saw him as a possible rival in moving up the chain of command, and that Victor was the Jesse to Gus' Walt. Is any of that at all accurate?

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Thanks for helping to make this happen edify!