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Holly16410 karma

You're still answering these? Wow, I'm seriously impressed!

So name reservation starts tomorrow, and we still don't know what time. Cougar said it depends on the web team's publishing schedule. Please could you ask them, or say how to contact them if they're regular users of reddit/Twitter/etc.?

If you don't want us to know when the reservation page goes up to avoid us crashing it with too much traffic, a) good luck with that, we'll probably crash it anyway as soon as word gets around that it's up, and b) please could you at least say whether it's on the 13th according to PDT or UTC or some other timezone? I'd rather not stay up all night tonight refreshing things if I don't have to.

On that note, where will it be announced when the page does go up? Or, even better, can you give the actual address of the name reservation page?

Thanks to you and your whole team for making such an awesome game, and interacting with us so much!

Holly1642 karma

Your name is attached to your email address for 90 days post launch, and no one else can get it.

90 days?! I was expecting more like one, or maybe up to four or so (plus the three days of headstart). Wow. I'm not going to wait three months to create all my characters if other people have reserved their names.

That means I'm going to be competing against everyone in the world's name reservations for all the names I want, half of whom will be in the opposite region and wouldn't be able to create a character on my future server even if they wanted to.

I'm sorry for the rant, but my characters' names are important to me - and I'm sure that's true for a great many players. Had we had sufficient notice, I would have booked the 13th off work, but it was too late when we got the date. On top of that, we only get to reserve one name (which, given global reservation, is admittedly understandable), then we have to compete against everyone in the world who's preordered.

...I get the impression that if I'm really, really lucky and quick off the mark on the 13th, I might get the one name that would be my first choice to reserve. All the others, no chance.

I really wish you'd just made it a free-for-all at the beginning of headstart - everyone would have had more chance of getting the names they wanted (except those who couldn't book a day off work several months in advance, I guess, but they're screwed under the system you've gone with anyway).

Edit: I should add that I love the game (otherwise I wouldn't get so worked up about it!) and am generally very impressed with all you guys' interactiveness, transparency, humour, and fun...ness. Thank you for making such a great game and being so involved with your community!