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1) Petitioning the government is different from paying people to petition the government on your behalf so what has happened is an extreme perversion of a simple idea. #'s 2 and 3 will make it difficult for SCOTUS to recognize that nuance but it is a key difference.

2) Slavery was once entrenched in our political system and economy. The runner-up for President taking the Vice Presidency was once entrenched in our political system. The Senate not being elected by popular vote was once entrenched in our political system. If your argument is "why change is difficult" then you are making a great point. If you are making any other point you are perpetuating corrupt practices and a perversion of democracy.

3) Solid point. Gotta play to win. That being said, it's a terrible and avoidable reality in which to live. Rosa Parks and MLK Jr. Shouldn't have needed to serve jail time to get the ACLA of 65 passed. Edward Snowden shouldn't need to live in exile for telling the citizens of his country that the government is systematically spying on them.

My point is that lobbying is a corrupt practice and is only necessary because people have built up an entire industry around it. While clearly you claim to have mainly been working on noble causes, that doesn't mean the system in which you worked should remain in tact.

I don't mean to make you out to be a monster, but to recognize how any disdain, confusion or frustration with the practice of lobbying is fairly justified.

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I've been to shops that will do it for minors, they require parents or guardians to sign and for some ages to be present. Don't be afraid to ask questions at a place you'd like to try! If they make you feel awkward for asking then go somewhere else!

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Men definitely get waxed. Whether OP will do Brazilian waxing on men or not is up to OP and her employer, but yes men get their genitals waxed.

Source: Am man, get waxed.

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Men absolutely do, but estheticians can choose to provide the service for men or not. It's obviously different parts but the concept is basically the same and there are sensitive areas and tricky areas just like around a vulva, so it takes practice to keep from bruising or tearing skin, like around the scrotum.

Source: Am man. Get waxed.

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What's the most contrarian piece you've written wrt business interests?

Are there barriers or pressures that you've experienced, witnessed, or otherwise felt in the industry regarding what kinds of "negative" information makes it to print?

Are people trying to write more pieces from the perspective of labor interests, as opposed to generally framing the economy with traditional metrics like GDP and market gains, and what are the hurdles to more of this, if any?