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People who don't want to believe won't believe. You could take them up to space and they'll argue it's just a simulation or shit like that.

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You might try finding out if there are countries in Europe that have health insurances that cover your needs. Just briefly checked for Holland, but I couldn't find any direct sources that Desoxyn would be covered. Still, there is a good chance (a portion) could be covered.

Engineers are always in great demand here, so landing a job wouldn't be too hard. Not knowing the language usually isn't a problem as the job would be in English and Math anyways. The drug charges might not be a huge problem for an employer who believes and knows your situation, I think drugs have less of a stigma here, although I cannot base that on anything solid.

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What he means is that when in the Netherlands when you finish your IT degree you get an engineer (Ir) or MSc title. IIRC in the US you need to finish your professional engineer test thingy before you can call yourself that.