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Hopefully it will like me and stick around more then 10years atleast

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Yeah prob to clear red dead Redemption 2 haha

Now after the transplant I have a lot lowered immune system so my body doesnt reject the new organ. So I cant really be around people or Pets etc so my SO and dog went away today for Christmas and I will spend 2 weeks Home alone in a very clean apartment. Will go out some to exercise but mostly just play some new games I will buy During the Christmas sale ^

After new year my aim is to get back to the gym after 3 months or so (thats when im allowed to meet people again), havent been to the gym in a year since Ive been very sick + started dialys which was just hell

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Dont shower with hearing aids

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Me 2 ive Always tried to live healty since I got scholed about my disease when I was 12-16 so im quite proud of lasting to 28(1month to 29) while my brother and the average is early twenties. Hoping to make it last forever or atleast a long time because I really do not want to do this again haha

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Cant you see my nick is Tomten (Santa Claus) and not Jesus? :o