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I'm married to a doctor, so we still have one doctor in the family. That calmed her down!

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I'd rather not say!

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This is the question we're trying to answer with our second project. Our first game aims at giving advice to the general public, like a self-help book (but with additional value as I've explained). The diagnosis question didn't come up.

Our second project is meant to diagnose and help cope with delusional thoughts. We are implementing different measures, including utilizing an observation known as semantic priming. Simply put humans recognize similar concepts before they even become aware of them. Passing obstacles on the game relies on the player reaching this recognition in the right time. Inconsistencies with these responses help us know if a player is cheating. However, from my experience people looking for help rarely cheat.

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This is a hard question. I am attempting something new here, so I'm learning all the time. Our first game was inspired by RPGs and visual novels. It's meant to teach coping strategies for common everyday difficulties. We chose to start with this game because it's relatively straightforward. However, it does contain puzzles that are based on neuroscience, and I believe that there's value in experiencing therapeutic advice in video game form compared for example to a self-help book.

Our upcoming project takes a completely different approach and is more like a bullet hell shooter. It's meant to help cope with delusional thoughts. So, the genre and the mechanics depend on the project and what conditions we're trying to address.

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Thanks for the question. I've played so many video games over the years, and I have many favorites. However, the first that comes to mind is Final Fantasy IX, playing this game was when I realized the tremendous effects video games can have over my mental wellbeing. On a side note, RPGs in general is how I learned English (I'm not a native speaker).

More recent games include the Last of Us and God of War. I played God of War after my daughter was born. I was blown away by the connection I felt towards Kratos and the intense emotions I had playing the game. You can't get this intensity from a movie. I remember trying to explain this to some of my colleagues who were like "it's just a video game...".