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the first 8 or so hours of rain yes but then it clears up as the rain literaly cleans the air!

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haha please explain to me how pure water will kill her? that is a very laughable statement! you said you were 23? so you've had a mastery of biochemistry since you were 13?

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i never said JUST drink pure water... damn get off your high horse LOL and Drinking Pure water will aid in every single one of the bodies processes, including kidney function and by extension would increase the effectiveness of the dialysis

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you can do both.. lol and she can follow what ever advice she wants... so please don't give your advice for her not to follow others advice!

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Yeah definitely get the advice of others before following a Reddit comment :) Hope its works out well for you!

one more thing i remembered about the urine tho, is urine has stem cells in it!