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The douchebags are the ones that annoy me. The ones that think traffic laws don't apply to them because it takes effort for them to peddle. Sorry if you have to stop at a red light before a big hill, should have driven something with an engine if you don't like physical activity.

The majority of bikers probably aren't like this, but I sure as shit notice the ones that are over the ones that aren't.

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The harassment was the worst part. If I got a bunch of my car driving friends to harass them, it would be like gang warfare in the parking lot as people started bringing out tire irons and chains, while the bikers started taking the chains off their bikes and strapping their helmets on.

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The guy was an indie biker. He wasn't intimidating by himself, but obviously he and his friends have enough spare time to annoy the piss out of me for their own mistake.

EDIT: My injuries included a twisted knee (couldn't stand on it for days), sprained ankle, as well as various cuts and bruises. The police got me an ambulance because they suspected my knee was broken.

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Already have a lawyer who is working for a respectable amount. We offered to settle for much less, but were told to go fuck ourselves. Now it's in court.

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I have a lawyer. They don't think I have a 'bad conduct' case until my restraining order goes through. Once it does, we'll add damages for douchebaggery.