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Based on your understanding of Klan history, what is the most effective way to fight them? I.E. reduce their membership and power?

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So, just as an example, to report on a Klan murder and then condemn it as a horrible, racist atrocity or some similar language?

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I appreciate your answer and work but I’m hoping for something more concrete than lobbying my government to address the problem. If I wanted to start addressing the problem now, what are some steps that I can take?

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Based on your research, how likely do you think it is that the US would declare war on Iran? Is the US government trying to provoke a war and if so, why?

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What is the most effective way to fight climate change? For example, if I won $1billion in the lottery and wanted to use it to reduce the problem of climate change as much as possible, would it be better to invest in renewable energy or preserving a rainforest?