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Thanks Doc, but I'm afraid I cannot take that route to employment, as it seems they always want to bring up stuff like qualifications and criminal history: Stuff that you and I both know means nothing in the world of dinosaurs. What if I just demonstrate a superior knowledge of extinct predators for you real quick and we go ahead and seal the deal on the spot? Sound good? Great.

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I know this isn't your AMA, but here's a question for you: Which one of us is a professional AMA job seeker and which one of us operates shit with our mouth? Thanks for the advice, but I gots this brah.

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Actually, I was looking to get hired without any discussion of qualifications and what not, as I am utterly lacking in that regard. However, I am a PCG, have a great personality, and would be great for morale. Plus I have two or three coffee mugs, so I would not need to be supplied one and could even conceivably lend my extras to other coworkers, assuming they're cool and shit.

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