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Is this the guy, "Amadon?"

The website gives me the shivers with Amadon's (aka Steve Arden) incredibly strong, narcissistic vibe. Yikes.

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There's a very good podcast, only 4 episodes long, called "Dig" that focuses on the "clearing" of rape cases "by exception" in Louisville. I recommend listening if interested.

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Are there any concerted efforts in the mental health field to help family members who may be living with and trying to help manage those suffering from mental illness?

In my experience, families often suffer tremendously when living with those with mental disorders, even when those with the disorder are receiving therapeutic interventions. Counseling for family members might not only help family members to cope but ultimately, possibly by reducing stress and improving family interactions, help the member of their family directly disabled by mental health challenges.

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Thank you. I didn't know about NAMI and its support groups.

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Thank you for what you've done and continue to do both as a journalist and as an inspiration to future journalists.

If you had the money and time to create your own "media organization" (newspaper, online presence, news network, or all three), what might you do differently to make your organization stand out from others?