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I don't do this for a living. I do this for passion and when I have time. I like music and singing. This is why I do busking. And I like to see people and families with kids having fun and singing with me. I never had any problems so far on the street. I think that Ireland is a country where music is really appreciated, and musicians are respected.

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The new bylaws are very specific. Amplifiers can't be used until 6 pm. So on winter time you can't really play on the street if you're a solo musician...after 6 it gets cold, and many other musicians with their amps will cue.. Another section of the regulation says that you cannot have a crowd surrounding you clapping or singing with ya. Because it can interfere with services to the city centre...if the Garda finds that you have a huge crowd around you will probably get a fee. There are more sections on the new regulations. The thing is that the buskers from Galway would like to keep things as they were always, but the council wants to rule the street. There are many buskers in Galway, from kids to old musicians, and everyone makes different kind of busking. I think that the buskers originally from Galway are the most affected by these new bylaws, because most of them ( I can say this because I live here and I see this people almost every day) are used to busk with amplifiers. It is normal to use amplifiers on a crowded street because without having it people can't hear you. At the moment we are having some meetings in town trying to figure out the best solution to this problem, and we hope that everything will resolve for the Galway 2020 capital of culture.

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There are many good pubs in Galway. My favourites are Quays, Buskers, O'Connels. For the traditional music: the Crane. This pub is great if you wanna find the juice of the Irish music straight from old banjos and old violins strings played by Irish old people.

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Depends on what do you do for busking. I usually play because I like singing. I don't do this for a living. I play 1h a day mostly and some times you can make 30..40€. but Everytime is different. Sometimes you can make 10 or less

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I'm a European citizen, because I moved from Peru to Italy when I was a child with my parents. It was not difficult to move to Ireland afterwards and to find a job. The most difficult thing here is to find a new "family" that I can call friends. Regarding the work, Ireland is a country where you are appreciated if you can really do the job well done. The people is very respectful and and they are open with foreigners