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Hillytoo29 karma

Thank you for doing this work! I am really happy to see someone is looking at this in research. One thing you said is "meet people where they live". I have been thinking about this as well but I had no training in logistics at all. Right now people are going to the vaccine. Would it be more efficient to take the vaccine to them? Aside from the front line workers ( I know this is a value laden statement) who should be first and have earned that priority, and the people in the care homes, I have to wonder if the assumptions underlying the rollout are right. So if you lay aside the age related rollout and went ahead geographically, getting everyone in a prescribed area then pushing forward county by county, would that help? I say this because all those deployments for each age group have to be re-mobilized each time another age group comes up. Also, is there anything to learn from the rollout of the polio or small pox eradication efforts in the past? Thank you.