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HillaryBinLaden15 karma

Does your cancer cause severe pain? If so, is it being managed properly with opioids? Due to the heroin epidemic chronic pain patients have suffered immensley from medication reductions and out-right removal due to doctors fearful of the DEA. Cancer patients, once considered deserving of pain management have even started to be denied pain treatment when they began to crack down even harder about 2 years ago and manufacturing limits were set rationing opioids. I'm wondering if you've encountered difficulty getting or filling prescriptions.

Best wishes I hope the treatment is effective for you.

HillaryBinLaden11 karma

I wish I could maintain that viewpoint. I've had a few near death instances (not as drawn out as cancer) and the feeling you describe always fades within days

HillaryBinLaden2 karma

Thanks for your insight. On the people of color thing, its odd, because heroin and prescription opioid abuse is primarily a white problem in america. But racism doesn't base itself in reality so I guess that doesn't matter here.

r/Chronicpain is full of horror stroies of intractably pained people with severe pain being cut off cold turkey, committing suicide, etc.