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Highpower110 karma

Holy crap. I think I might have seen you, out in the middle of absolutely nowhere. I have a ranch near Chama, NM. I was driving out on a Saturday... I think it was early September. Our access road is a dirt road that drops south off of Colorado Hwy 17. A friend of mine was driving my RZR out, and I was following in a truck a couple miles behind. He radioed me and said "you are not going to believe what is coming down the road". A short while later I saw a dude on a mountain unicycle. I damn near drove off the road.

BTW, for everyone else's benefit, this dude did not just ride his unicycle on paved road. This guy was at about 10,000 feet of elevation, on one of the worst dirt / rock / mud "roads" I have seen.

Was this perhaps you? Earlier this summer, I saw a lot of bikers doing the Tour de Vide, same route I guess. Were you part of that "Race"?