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Are you still on good terms with everyone at the camp? More specifically, the supervisors at the camp? Was this just some faceless order from the up aboves, or someone lower on the totem pole take the initiative? Will you pursue some sort of legal action?

Finally, two things I wanted to say. my girlfriend, 18, is a camp counselor at one of the summer camps in the area. One of the boys, 6, has a crush on her and the angry parent pulled her aside and tried telling her that he has half a mind to call the cops on her. Her supervisors told the guy to leave and they haven't had a problem since. As ridiculous as that seems, I see your situation in the same magnitude of "what the fuck is this?"

Finally, as an eagle scout myself know that you have my support in understanding how much work it takes to get to this level. You'll continue to push onward.

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Make light of rape? You gave that guy his just desserts and even Minmax changed his perspective of monsters a little bit from that whole fiasco. That's taking rape pretty heavily if you ask me.

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Ok Brain.


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But then that 1 gets ip banned eventually.

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I had to fight off tears for that birthday party.