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Because high schoolers such as myself all got our hands on juuls and started getting addicted. They pulled mango, creme, and I think fruit medley because they “appealedto kids”. Which IMO is crap, but everyone needs a scapegoat.

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Why are school lunches not proportional to your age? I get the same amount of food I'm getting in elementary school as I am in high school, its flat out just not enough.

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because they stopped producing a larger number because of the US.

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I also find it funny that the government currently only really sees Juul as the bad guy. Whereas all these companies pretty much do the same stuff with teens. Juuls arent as popular anymore but refillable devices are very well known

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Which honestly doesnt make sense to me, Juul brings in (or used to) majority of vape sales in the US, so why wouldnt they just give ol congress a little tuggy.