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Thanks, I expected this one! It’s based on a fortune cookie, a message wrapped in a container. The name “cookies” comes from a software trick from an old operating systems manual I read a few years earlier, a technique for passing information back and forth between the user and the system. For some reason, the small piece of data exchanged had been called a “magic cookie.” Inspired by that earlier model, sketched out an architecture for a web-based “cookie” that would give the medium a sense of memory without compromising privacy.


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Ok, you’ve got us here! But only if you have a legitimate interest! :)

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The original design limited cookies to just a single website, the one that is being sent by the HTTP request.


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As others are saying, we're working on the answers with Lou right now and are publishing them as we speak :)

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Thank you for all your questions! We're finishing for today but no worries, we'll be answering them together with Lou.

We're grateful for all the fruitful discussions! 💚

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