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HiUnknownStranger48 karma

Hi, Thank you for this IAmA,

my questions are :

Do you think that the USA will continue supporting the soon-to-be king of Saudi Arabia Muhamad Ibn Salman and his family ?

Do you believe that there is a chance to make a real Peace deal (not imposed by leaders ) between the Arab people and Israelis ?How ?

HiUnknownStranger1 karma

Hi Mr Tom, Thank you so much for this IAmA ,

My questions are :

What do you think about people who say that drawing caricatures of religious figures is not convenient ?

And, do you think that nowadays receivers are getting well the messages behind the art of caricature ?

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From your point of view, is there any indication that there is some interference in the election, no matter to what degree it is , from not only Russia but other countries like Saudi Arabia or Turkey ?