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As a former scout who dropped out after finding the non-rank-requirement parts of scouting way more rewarding, what has been your favorite experience non-merit-badge-related from scouting? Or alternatively, has pursuing merit badge requirements ever led to an interesting experience that went further than just your requirements?

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A summer trip to Israel sounds amazing! I think part of the reason I ended up leaving was because of how unmotivated my whole troop was at planning awesome experiences. I still had my fill, especially with National Jamboree 2017, but I'm super happy that you got so much out of scouting!

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We were Troop 2330! Jambo was essentially my last real scouting experience since I was almost aging out and we kinda cut ties with out home troop after they stole money from us lmao.

I also got into patch trading after my Aunt who was a long time Troop leader gifted a couple of old sets to me. My favorite ones I got at Jambo were this Monopoly set, and an Agents of Mayhem set that I also got signed by a developer from the game studio who was also there.

Jamboree was for me a heightened version of all the scouting stuff that I either only got a taste of it always wanted to do that out troop didn't do ourselves. I have fond memories of trying to lab out the water obstacle course to get the best time, learning how to dirt bike, and the whole "Old Scottish" area or whatever it was called. Was definitely probably the highlight of my past decade.