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I really love Ratatouille, but it always makes me really hungry when I watch it...any suggestions on how to combat this problem?

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Tell us the story of the first time you ever got drunk.

PS Loved you in United States of Tara.

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Thanks for the WW shout out!

I'm no Dove, but couldn't we slim down the military budget to 50% instead of 57% and still be the military world power?

Do you feel that a bloated defense budget that saps much needed funding from other important programs (I'll throw out the Reddit fan favorite of NASA) is truly the best way to protect American citizens?

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Who would win in a fight; Mindy Kaling or Amy Schumer?

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I cannot tell you how perfect you were in your role as Mel in Flight of the Conchords! What is your favorite memory of working with Bret and Jemaine?