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I'm a huge IASIP fan, but I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that Charlie is married to the Waitress (sorry, Mary.) And Sweet Dee is married to Mac.

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Kind of makes the whole situation less weird for some reason.

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So nice that you have only kind words for them! That being said, you must be great at your job for them to respect and appreciate you so much.

Edit: I worked many years as a live-in nanny for extremely wealthy people, and was also treated great. I know not all wealthy people are assholes (some of my nice nanny friends weren't so lucky though, just sayin'!)

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Did you cuddle afterwards, ever kiss passionately, or was it just straightforward sex?

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The stranger probably wasn't French :p

I didn't really believe all those "The French are assholes" stories either - until I went to France.