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Hi! How much corporate sponsorship do you guys have? Do you get alot of your stories from the defense department (serious)? What kinds of stories don't get approved?

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Hi, thanks for having a pleasant attitude. I was instituotinalized as a teen and it's hard for everyone, but even harder when people are in foul moods. My question for you is, has anyone ever escaped? How long did it take to catch them?

In my day there were some grand James Bond style attempts and I constantly thought up my own escape. There was also a house dog that supposedly could catch anybody by scent who they threatened us with.

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What struck me is your comment and how it made me angry. I'm a recovering heroin addict, with the bonus of being sexually assaulted by the police in Texas at age 16 and they got away with it cause I had one gram of weed.

I think I felt angry because I think, "compassion?, please." I didn't get much before I was a drug addict and I'm only starting to know what it is to have compassion and to be treated with now that I have left Texas and have been clean for three years and have a nice boyfriend. The social structure in Texas is particularly compassionless, although there are shining souls who live there. I saw an onion the other day making fun of the "oh we cant make abortions illegal at least we have executions", I thought it was real, didn't know it was onion. It is also very difficult for me to have any compassion for people who sell drugs even if they do it to support their kids or their own habit. In all my years of drug use I never stooped to such a low as putting that misery into my community for quick personal gains. This is another reason to dislike the federal government, the biggest drug movers in the world. Anywho just wanted to say thanks for having a thought and a care. Your compassion, even in a reddit comment, helps mine too. Even for drug dealers.

Thanks for the gold I was going to delete this comment because it's embarrassingly revealing.

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Upvote for facts, and I agree reddit shouldn't be focusing on the private prison industry, because the public prison industry is such a monstrous racket. Every time someone spouts off "it takes XXthousand dollars per year per inmate, we could use that on education, etc.", I think, you aren't getting it! Taxpayers have to pay that XXthousand and contractors make huge profits off it. Colgate is my favorite example. I would never purchase a Colgate, Sysco or other corporate product given the choice in my personal life. Why should I have to buy that poison for the prisoners? I want my tax dollars to go to feeding the prisoners local organic vegetables so that the family farmers can make a little guarenteed money and the prisoners don't come out all whacked out. Nope, instead I pay for their substandard nutrition from corporate farmland destroyers and the Seroquels to cover up the nervous system damage at marked up prices, because everybody know government contracts are rife with waste. Public prisons are a racket and private contractors make just as much profit from them as a private prison. And of course, since big Agra and big pharma have all their people revolving in and out of power, why is there any inventive to change? The politicians are paying themselves with profits made from skimming, misery and extortion.

Edit raw kale without spices/ salt is punishment to many

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I know a guy who filed a suit against his municipality for prescribing medicine without a medical license. He argues that because the city cites dental health as their primary reason for water fluoridation, the municipality must have a medical license to fluoridate. Do you think this will stand up in court?