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HexagonStorms2 karma

Mr. Stephenson, thank you for this AMA.

I work for my college radio station as a radio host, DJ, and production director. I am gaining a good amount of production experience in editing, voice recording, script-writing, and training. Our station even conducts radio dramas, which i frequently take part in. While I do not really see a career in radio, i have a strong interest in voice-over directing and/or acting.

Where is a good place for me to start looking for work after graduation? I also saw your answer about creating profiles in voices123.com and the like and I'm definitely creating profiles, but I am not sure how someone becomes a casting/voice over director for a studio.

Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you again!

HexagonStorms1 karma

Gary thank you for being a huge inspiration. I saw your 2.0 Web Expo NY speech and it was a wake up call for me. Until that point, I had just done what I liked to do as a hobby, hoping it would take off one day.

Now I spend a considerable amount of time after school to work and promote my passion. It's all about building that brand.

Keep being original man. Thanks.