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Wait? People can imagine something and like see a picture in there head? Like you can just picture a bookcase? And see it? I thought the whole thing was imagination? Like no one can see mental images and we just imagine it and what it's kind of like?

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God I always thought this is normal, and now the way we have to literally explain how we imagine stuff it makes me feel so deficient.

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It's been like half an hour since I figured out I have this and I'm still reeling and I can't believe I am just now figuring this out. Like it seems like such a big deal but it never affected my life at all in any major way? Like I can still just draw a mountain sunset and clouds if I wanted to, or paint a flower without a reference. I still imagined stuff as a kid and have fun. It's weird how it seems like not being able to see pictures in my head really doesn't matter or affect much but at the same time feels like a really big deal.

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Yeah my girlfriend is asking me loads of questions now. I wish I could've just lived my whole life without realizing this. I'm so jealous and salty. Like I really enjoy reading, but I can't even comprehend how someone who can literally see pictures in there head would not enjoy it, like I would have be a total book work like my sister if I could see vivid colorful pictures in my head