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If you fall into the bottom 10% you will likely be fired.

So let's say workers that should be fired start skipping bathroom breaks in order to keep their productivity up. Now the good workers are at risk if they don't start working through breaks too. Amazon fires "unproductive" workers because they take breaks and replace them with a new population that has to make the same decision. Eventually the entire population of workers are skipping bathroom breaks to try and stay out of the bottom 10%. Is this what happened? Does amazon require workers to take a break at some point during their shift?

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What is the legality of charging people for advice? Do you need a specific license or just have them sign a waiver?

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idk, that's why I am asking. Say she gives bad advice and destroy a relationship, then the person, who also had mental problems unknown to her, offs themself. Family comes looking for someone to blame and they see a charge for relationship advice. The family digs into her background and finds anthropology, human rights, and a few psychology classes, but she isn't a lcsw. I don't think a lawsuit is too far fetched in that kind of situation and I'm just wondering how she protects herself from the very slim, but possibility of the worst outcome occurring.

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I went to a Top Golf while on vacation and before you can play you have sign up for a membership card. To get all your information quickly they scan your driver's license, which I thought was weird but anyway, when the lady asked me for my email I told her I didn't have one. She said, "Well I'm just going to put your name followed by @gmail.com." So some guy with my name is getting their spam.

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Do you think CannTrust in Canada has a shot at being able to grow legal cannabis again?