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Herr_Medicinal_Mann40 karma

Hello Ellen and John!

I'm glad you guys decided to do this AMA! First off I wanted to say how wonderful both of you are! My girlfriend and I got the chance to meet you at the Midwest Media Expo and being able to talk to you guys and listen to your stories was easily the highlight of our weekend! I'm not sure if you remember us but here's one of the pictures we took together!

Anyway I guess my question for you guys is: Are you planning on coming back to the Midwest Media Expo next year or have any other conventions you're planning on attending in the near future? as we'd love to see you both again!

Thanks again for the AMA!

Herr_Medicinal_Mann3 karma

Yay! I'll look forward to seeing you guys again at MME! Wish I could make it out to London as that sounds lovely!

Herr_Medicinal_Mann2 karma

Excellent and it means a lot that guys remember and loved my cosplay! We can't wait to see you guys there again! and thanks for responding! :D