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  1. Constantly. Occasionally weird ones get shared around the office. The "Advanced Pose Competition" we just ran had soooo many wild uses of our creator that we couldn't have anticipated. And then you always get weird ones like a mini sticking a banana up its own butt.
  2. We try to prioritize the most popular requests whenever we can, so the top priority is very commonly the thing we're currently working on. Right now that's the addition of color!

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Hah, we get a lot of that, especially because we release new content every week: there's always something new for somebody who just bought! One of the prices we pay for always pushing forward!

As for cyberpunk, here's a good ctrl+c / ctrl+v from a different response: Typically when people ask if we have plans for any particular part, the answer is nearly always a yes because we want to add everything. We are constantly working on new additions to the site, and we collect hundreds and hundreds of user requests each week through our official User Request Wishlist : https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HeroForgeRequest. We want to do it all, but we are constantly refining our priorities based on the popularity of particular requests, contextualized by the technical difficulty. We also work very very far ahead in order to keep a steady, reliable stream of parts. As usual for specific requests though, we don't have a timeline we can share.

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Asymmetric limb options, for sure. No ETA, but based on user feedback, "my character has a robot arm" is very, very common. We didn't build our system with that in mind, so an addition like that requires going back and reworking some of our basic assumptions. It's doable though: we went through a similar process when we split the upper-body from the lower body so you could choose torso and leg options independently. It just takes time because it interacts with a lot of systems.

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We haven't announced anything publicly, but that's mostly because it isn't set in stone yet. We know that the Kickstarter pricing we have chosen represents a discounted rate over what we will eventually charge, but until we see user response and ramp up production, we don't want to speculate.

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Oh gosh, that's a great question. Every time we add a big new feature, we seem to reach a progressively bigger audience, so 'the next thing' is often the biggest moment! Our color Kickstarter is an example: it is just such an exciting feature, and we know it is because of how much we ourselves, as gamers, want it. It will make our service appealing to a whole new crowd. I myself am one of the founders and the COO here, so a lot of the most exciting stuff I personally work with would probably be related to 3D printing tech and the tabletop gaming world/market/fans as a whole.

As for a hurdle, that's a harder one. I may need to give it some thought. I know our very first public demo, before we even launched, was a wild ride: it was at PAX Prime way back in 2015 I believe. We were still working on the demo build of the site the night before the show started!