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I would make same day voter registration mandatory in all states. Only politicians think about the votes months and months in advance -- a lot of people are busy with work and think carefully about the candidates only to show up on election day and not be registered? I grew up with same day voter registration in Minnesota and it was great.

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I support a cap and trade system to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. It is a free market way to do it. Cap and trade was invented by Republicans -- so I wish so many were not opposed to it now. Coal can be clean if the emissions are sequestered underground. I helped the EPA write the Geologic Sequestration rule that would help make coal "clean". It's the only regulation the EPA has written that didn't get them sued. That's because we worked with oil and gas, the financial industry, and environmental groups to write the Reg.

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Well … I didn’t write the GOP platform. I was on the road working during the GOP convention when the platform was written. I’m not a millionaire career politician like my opponent -- I’ve got to work to pay the bills and so that I can take the next few month off to campaign. I am a Republican because I believe in economic freedom and personal liberty. I believe in the Virginia Republican Creed: http://www.virginia.gop/virginia-republican-creed/ and it doesn’t say anything about marriage equality or climate change. Donald Trump vowed to defend the LGBTQ community -- that’s a good thing. I want to shape the future of the Republican Party and I am proud to represent the next generation of leaders in the Party.

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Dash cams and body cams are a great idea. Transparency is a good thing -- and I know a lot of cops that appreciate that level of transparency -- to protect themselves.

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Sure! I support marriage equality -- in short, government should stay out of the bedroom. And I am a strong defender of the Second Amendment -- it's super clear and simple "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed"