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How do you factor for orbiting space junk that cannot be detected? I'm thinking of things like nuts+bolts, and bits of junk. I was thinking about it and if it's not in the exact same orbit, they're like flying bullets, aren't they? how do you shield an exhaust aperture from the randomness?

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When you’re elected, I recommend the Congressional baseball game be played with two teams made up of both Dems AND Reps (as opposed to Dems VS Reps as it is currently played). Get em used to working together.

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What color is the liquid in your nasal spray? Would you consider changing it to an ecto-green hue? Hilarity would ensue.

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These may be too simple for your awesomness but I'll ask anyways.

I've only ever played Myst. What order of games should I be playing next? Riven? Wasn't there a book? Do I need to read it? Who did the wonderful, wonderful music, and is it available for download/CD?

Loved Myst and would play it with my family for hours. Thanks for creating such a wonderful childhood memory for me.

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What's are some positive outcomes of this legislation, should it pass? (I.E. who thinks this is a good thing that will benefit people)