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In the town I lived in at the time there was a married couple who were refugees from the conflict. He was a Bosniak and she was a Serb, and they said that they would never be able to return to their home because both sides wanted to kill them. How bad is the situation today, would such a couple be able to return today, and if so how much stigma would there be towards them?

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Thanks for the primer.

I can understand your frustration at some of the misconceptions about your country.

I was fairly certain that a couple like the one I described, would be able to return today without fearing for their lives, I was more interested in the stigma part, and find OP's answer in that regard believable, that it depends a lot on excactly where they would chose to live.

I am aware that the situation in ex-Jugoslavia have normalized a lot, and many of the countries are on par with many other european countries in regards to life quality and safety. But in my mind there must still be some lingering effects from the war.