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This raises a similar, simple question: Why should we trust you? The internet is full of lies, they are everywhere. Why should we believe you are actually giving honest and fair reviews?

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Lol are you serious? Rich, multinational corporations have tons of power over sovereign states. Been that way since the earliest corporations, like the East Indie companies. Those guys had their own army and literally conquered land. Now they tend to use huge sums of money instead of guns, but they still hold tons of power.

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Maybe this app slows progress, because it normalizes the idea? Why are you so confident it will be a benefit in the long term?

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This theory has been studied and proven time and time again.

Hardly anything in economics is "proven", but I'd be interested in seeing these studies that you talk about. I'm on the fence about basic income and some research would be good to see.

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Thank you for giving another viewpoint about this. Everyone here seems to be jumping on the one awkward home-schooled kid they knew, and using that to stereotype all the home-schooled kids.