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This raises a similar, simple question: Why should we trust you? The internet is full of lies, they are everywhere. Why should we believe you are actually giving honest and fair reviews?

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This theory has been studied and proven time and time again.

Hardly anything in economics is "proven", but I'd be interested in seeing these studies that you talk about. I'm on the fence about basic income and some research would be good to see.

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Thank you for giving another viewpoint about this. Everyone here seems to be jumping on the one awkward home-schooled kid they knew, and using that to stereotype all the home-schooled kids.

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The new method is not painful at all. The Filgrastim can make you a bit achy while you're taking it, and you need needles in both your arms for the 6 hours. At worst though it's an annoyance.

The match can be immediate, or might never happen, or anywhere in between. Depends on who needs it. You leave a sample of your saliva with them, which they use to find matches. It stays on record, so you could get the call anytime.

You don't meet the person, privacy concerns and whatnot. If both people want to, you're allowed to write a letter to each other. You also get a yearly update on how the recipient is doing.

Source: I've done this too, it's really easy and there's no reason not to sign up.

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It sure seems like he got both meanings here...