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Helzibah167 karma

I just want to say a big 'Thank You!' to all the mods for organising these AMAs, I know redstonehelper especially has been instrumental in making stuff like this happen.

Hey Notch, what do you think about more capes?

People like redstonehelper do a huge amount of work for the community, between moderating this subreddit and posting all those awesome, really useful changelogs (even more here!)... he even helps with redstone sometimes, if you're lucky.

redstonehelper: the caped crusader we need!

(and also aperson, Nikondork, BEP, Skuld, Buttsicles and the lovely moderator-bot...)

Helzibah5 karma

There's the /r/tabled subreddit and the tabledresser bot still around. I tried asking narwhal_bot about them before but got no response so...