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OMG, my Ex, called me a stalker because of you.

I'd first noticed your acting in, "More Tales of the City" and as chance would have it, when I moved to L.A. in 1999, the Mayfair, was my regular grocery store. The first time I saw you in person you were wearing workout pants, walking across the parking lot. Obviously, living in L.A., residents usually give personalities a lot of space so I never said hello or anything, but did mention to my partner saying, "I think I saw the guy from, More Tales of the City, today." He laughed and said, "First Star sighting." Then the next time we went to the grocery store, there you were again ... and the 5th time ... and the 6th. I mentioned it to my partner again and he said, "Come on already, leave the poor guy alone you stalker."

I laughed at the time because it was untrue, but because of you, the three years I lived in L.A. my domestic nickname was Stalker.

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How did you guard against Malaria?.

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Yeah, I've had the Yellow Fever Shots, but not yet done my dengue fever vaccine.