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So you the first guy to actually figure out a way to get paid for watching porn.. I think you win life

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So I legit was wondering that.. I have only seen one reply so far?

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Does someone actually trace out all the chains of transmission on this? This would be my dream job

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Therapist here who may be able to help. They pray on new therapists who are usually in their provisional status that are making very low wages at community clinics.

They’re also VERY vague, and unless someone is seasoned enough to know what questions to ask, they may not realize how unethical the platform is

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As someone in healthcare in a town covid is creeping into, thank you for standing up. I went telehealth super early for my southern state and took a LOT of shit for it, but wouldnt change a thing.

Do you think this is going to make our society wake up? I thought that Sandy Hook would wake up folks on mental illness and gun, but nope... I’m hopeful this will but I just..