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Probably many people think life for a Christian in Syria is impossible or hatd. Like it really isn't lol, our lives are normal and we have almost perfect relations with our muslim neighbors.

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Not a big fan of most foreign involvements in the war including the US.

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By the governement ? No By the general populace ? Generally no. I grew up in a very religiously mixed neighborhood and the relations between muslims and christians were very good, my bestfriend since childhood is sunni. This isn't true for all Christians but I would say that's the norm for the majority here.

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I want a united syria but I wouldn't have a problem with autonomy for the kurds as long as it isn't as extreme as in Iraq.

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Pretty complicated and mixed. On one hand he is a dictator (that's beyond dispute) and his methods in dealing with opposition are "morally questionable". But at the same time he (and his father) guaranteed peace, stability and propserity for the country for decades by this point, not to mention he promotes good relations between the different sects of the country and allows everyone positions in the governement no matter the religion or ethnicity. I defnietly support him in the war, both for the reasons already mentionned and the fact I doubt the opposition can provide all of those things ("a lesser of two evils" you may say)