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Do you think it is sad we have to label hunted game pictures NSFW?

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Tim thought it was important enough to answer.

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I am glad to see you are smart enough to recognize the importance of the 2nd amendment. How do you feel about the NSA survalliance programs? I find it extremely hypocritical when certain politicians were up in arms about the fears of creating a nation gun registry. Yet months later had no qualms (and were even defending) a national call registry.

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That is one of my major griefs with unions (certain ones). Why should that slacker be allowed to stay at the bottom? His or her ass should be fired, not protected by a rep. That slacker not only wastes company dollars but the create more work and headache for everyone.

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How dangerous is the bee mite to the bee industry and why do you think it is becoming more of an issue than in the past?