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HeleneyesKellerears8 karma

How do you possibly get people to answer in this day and age of caller ID and texting? If I don't recognize the number, I simply deny the call. I figure if they know me, they'll text me. I didn't even set up a voice mail. People just text me if they need something and I'll call them back if I recognize the number in the call list. And as far as the home phone that comes with cable? It doesn't even have a phone hooked up in the house. It just exists.

HeleneyesKellerears2 karma

Ah, good thing. I always get the unlimited plans on my phones so I didn't realize this. Cheers.

HeleneyesKellerears2 karma

I guess I'm just a real dick. I don't answer unless the number shows a name that I have entered into my phone contacts. I figure if I gave my phone number out to someone new and they don't get a voice mail option when they call, they'll just text me. Why don't you guys text to get ahold of prospects? Is this illegal or something? (not that I want you to...lol)