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This is a serious question, how did you keep your sanity? I'm a bit of a book person but I don't think I'd be able to live without being able to do anything else for the majority of my day.

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That's really awesome! You are truly an inspiration and an asset in the classroom.

Could you give us some examples of the projects you undertook? Also I expect you relate a lot to Andy, what are your thoughts on the movie before and after this conviction?

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Hey Taki, I'm a moderator of the Formula 1 subforum here on reddit. Thanks for doing an AmA! However a lot of people on this website have made fake posts like this, claiming to be someone famous. So could you please make a post on your twitter or facebook confirming that this post is really from you? Alternatively a lot of celebrities post a photo instead which would also suffice.


Verified - link

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From wikipedia -

When Burger King moved to expand its operations into Australia, it found that its business name was already trademarked by a takeaway food shop in Adelaide.[1] As a result, Burger King provided the Australian franchisee, Jack Cowin, with a list of possible alternative names derived from pre-existing trademarks already registered by Burger King and its then corporate parent Pillsbury that could be used to name the Australian restaurants. Cowin selected the "Hungry Jack" brand name, one of Pillsbury's U.S. pancake mixture products, and slightly changed the name to a possessive form by adding an apostrophe and "s" to form the new name "Hungry Jack's".[2] The first Australian franchise of Burger King Corporation was established in Innaloo, Perth on 18 April 1971, under the auspices of Cowin's new company Hungry Jack's Pty, Limited.[3] By the end of its first decade of operation, Hungry Jack's had expanded to 26 stores in three states. In October 1981, the company opened its first New South Wales store in Sydney's CBD on the corner of Liverpool and George Street. In 1986, the chain entered Victoria by purchasing 11 stores from the ailing Wendy's Hamburger chain, later converting them to Hungry Jack's.[4]

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As an Australian... exactly. Can someone outline what happens in the US? It sounds like she was out of pocket for all of this.