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global communication and the ability to find like-minded individuals

Pros: Rational people can communicate globally, band together and build things.

Cons: Idiots can communicate globally and band together and cause untold chaos.

A network of villiage idiots from around the globe can be a very dangerous power base.

I'm fairly certain an iDevice in every fist was a mistake. That cat is out of the bag though.

I do think it's a net negative, because negativity is attractive. We obsess/thrive on adversity and drama. (CPG Grey did a great video about this on youtube)

It's backed up by ever polarizing politics. Society has improved in some ways, but has divided in others.

Some parts of society have divereged so much that they are practically incompatible.

Head_Cockswain1 karma

I saw you on TV, and correct me if I'm wrong but I think I heard you call for data-sharing among those platforms.

We just need to adopt common standards and social media reader apps, and get Minds, Mastodon, Gab, Diaspora, etc., all on the same page, publishing their users' posts according to those standards.

I postulated an similar idea a while back along these lines, and I'll try to describe the vague concept here for whoever may be reading. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong or clarify a point. Also, it serves to share possible ideas to mull over.

Not so much sharing data as being able to be querried in a standard manner. The effect: If I subscribe to @Larry, it doesn't matter what platform or app I use, I get @Larry's posts in my feed.

ICQ and various other chat/messaging/etc applications did a similar thing back in the day(90s early 2000s), they could scrape from yahoo and other chat servers and messenger services, modern ICQ I believe can scrape info from Facebook for example.

In theory someone could build a thing to scrape everything, but that can more or less be done with social media now unless your privacy settings are locked up tight(EG visible to facebook friends only).

It could be done fairly securely as well. EVE online's(MMORPG) 3rd party software database access is managed with keys. You get a key that unlocks your full data for planning and builds in the software, and another that has limited information that you share with your guild/clan/etc.(to insure your claims about what you're trained in are accurate, iirc). This could allow for simultaneous posting to all platforms, for example.(Instead of using Facebook, twitter, gab, etc all in different manners for different things)

Think of it like a USB or HDMI standard(computer communication/display cables). It's the I/O that's standardized. This does not reveal industry secrets, such as internal components, it just ensures that various peripherals are going to be built to the same specifications and all be compatible.