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Oh man. Progressive Frink. That's gold. We have a couple band ideas if needed. Moe Town - all the greatest prank calls as soul hits. Propane and Discomfort - the King of the Hill death metal band. Bite My Shiny Death Metal - a bender quote band that is at least 75% metal.

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The English language only contains so many words that rhyme with Ned, so some are a stretch, but many have relevance. Thread Ned had much nicer pants (i.e. threads) than us. Stead Ned was originally just going to be rhythm guitar (steady rhythm), Cred Ned was very honest and credible, Dead Ned was the guy we killed in the music video, Bled Ned once cut his hand while drumming and bled all over the white drum heads. For our current members, Dread Ned has dreads. Bed Ned can nap pretty much anywhere. Zed Ned was the last Ned name we could come up with.

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We always thought it would be a possibility. So far we haven't had to.

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That could be interesting. It's not beyond possibillitlydiddly.

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It was a wonderful month. There's a line that I wrote a song for that didn't make the record. We're saving it for a future release. It's a quote where Ned is praying over dinner and says "And let's not forget the humane but determined boys over at the slaughterhouse."