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Probably because youre not an alcoholic... the issues with setting this arbitrary limit is that alvoholics and those that drink frequently, really dont notice a BAC of .1. To them, thats the point of drunkeness that they live their whole life in, plus their liver probably cant process the liquor very well so they it stays high for well into the next day. We cant imagine going into work that way or driving at 0.1, but an alcoholic will be sick and have tremors if they dont so its actually probably safer if they do drink and drive.

Arbitrary limits should be replaced with perception reaction time tests, which could also be used to force old people into giving up their license.

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Are scientists who deal with this going to now clarify old/new kg, mg, mole, etc? I feel like it could lead to innacuracy unless they somehow denote that it is a very slightly different. I know i get confused by metric, imperial, and short ton measurements at work if its not clarified...

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My MADD speaker was very good... the ex-cop asked who was arrested between 10pm and 5am. Everyone in the class raised their hands. She said “there is your first lesson... never drive drunk late at night because the cops would rather write 1 dui ticket to get revenue/quota than 15 speeding tickets so theyre only looking for drunks”.

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Do you think protesting will be enough to affect change? The government seems pretty intent on using violence whenever necessary. Do you think violence will become necessary for protesters?

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Why was your org originally called Blacksmith Institute? Seems like you've really changed 180 degrees with the name/purpose.