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That is awesome!

I also had VHS tapes growing up but it was a combo of not wanting to let go because why do you need two copies of movies and money-those things were expensive!

I am from the States so I may have to see if a VR program is out there. I would have never thought about doing it VR!

I am going to start looking for that today!

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Wow! I am a former ASL Interpreter and I remember anytime we had to watch someone on VHS (Yeah, I am old) or DVD (but not that old lol) and it would be so much harder than learning in person.

How does it work with Virtual Reality? any difference at all? Have you noticed an increase in skill level? is it easier? harder?

It has been a while since I have been out there interpreting but I would love to increase my skills again. Do you think for someone that has been out of the terp life it would be beneficial?

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Do you like chips on your sandwich? If you have tried this what is your combo? If not I suggest ruffle chips with turkey :)