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Would you share your mole recipe?

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Do you use a pump? There are advanced pumping tool that help deal with those types of situations ie dual and square wave bolusing.

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I find all this information very disheartening. How do you keep living to fight another day?

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You might consider following Dr. Stephen Ponder's Facebook page or see his website from time to time. It's called The Power Within by Stephen Ponder MD, FAAP CDE. He's an endo out of ScoTT & White in Temple, Texas. He has Type I and he's brilliant.

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Did you ever go to any camps for kids with arthrogyposis when you were growing up? A camp close to where I live hosts a camp called Camp Freedom for kids with arthrogyposis sponsored by Scottish Rite. I'm sure you would be an inspiration to both the kids and the parents if you could tell them your story.