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Haydomon00015 karma

Sometimes I suspect I’m dreaming so I pinch myself, then I feel it. I even remember one time I pinched myself in multiple spots but felt it every time. Why am I able to feel it?

Another question is how do you stay asleep after realizing? I tend to wakeup shortly after.

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Haha awesome next time I figure out I’m dreaming I’ll try to remember to become a temporary masochist and commit seppuku.

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How often are patients illnesses as a result of drug use? Also narrowing it down, as a result of psychedelics?

Haydomon00011 karma

One time I went flying and met someone who I considered “God”. I’m not sure what else I would want to try. What’s the most exciting or meaningful thing you’ve ever dreamed?

Haydomon00011 karma

I see you’re talking about mentality, so I wanted to know if you meditate? After going through trauma I used meditation to help balance me. I’ve gotten so used to it and the breathing techniques that even in scary dreams I meditate to calm down. If you don’t mediate I highly recommend giving it a try, it may help.