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hi, thank you for doing this ama! what is the process to follow when basic scientific/research principles are misused in research? do you get papers taken down or do they just need to be labelled as potentially flawed? if these papers are cited elsewhere, is it a requirement to note the shortcomings of the research done?

how do you make non-scientific people (like me, or even possibly news agencies for that matter) aware of the fact that certain studies are flawed so that they do not reference them as reliable sources?

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That makes sense, thank you!!

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Thank you so much for your answers! I had another question about this:

Given that world leaders like Donald Trump have been known to spread misinformation, and people believe it, do you think papers that are flawed should remain up in case they misguide people's opinions in the scientific community? Twitter flagging Trump's tweets has not completely countered this issue, but scientific researchers (I assume) are a more informed community.

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hi! how do you predict consumer happiness/decision making etc during unprecedented times like this, when such a scenario may not have taken place before and you do not have much data to go on?

also since the research you do and the data you collect are relevant to sales, do you see advertisements being affected by the pandemic in the long run from any changes in consumer mindset?

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thank you for answering, that is very interesting! the data you collect seems to be applicable to so many different fields. i asked about advertising as a student interested in media, but i can see it being useful in various types of companies be it internet security, food, travel etc. your job sounds really cool and i will definitely check out your YouTube channel :)