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what are some things can i do as a partner of someone who is first getting into freelance to help them succeed?

My partner and I recently hit the road traveling the US in an old renovated camper. I work full time as a software engineer, and my partner is trying to get into freelance writing and editing. she copy-edits books for a major publisher, but there can be weeks between projects.I support both of us financially, which i have 0 problem with - I know she will do an amazing job when she can build up a larger client base.My questions is more along the lines of what other types of things (outside of just being generally encouraging) can I do to help with the times when work isn't coming in?Thanks in advance!

HateToBeABuzzKillBut3 karma

awesome, thanks for the advice!
also, if you're ever in need of a copyeditor, PM me - I know someone :)