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Once you get in there, something just takes over you, and you can't control your foot. It's pedal to the metal, all the time!

In all seriousness, I see people driving like maniacs all the time, and from what I've heard, some companies pay you for a 10 hour day, even if you get done early, and I'd imagine that's why most people drive like that

The majority of companies pay you per hour though, so I take my time and drive safely, since I'm in no rush, and that's how it should be with most people, but common sense isn't that common unfortunately. I see co-workers speeding among other things, not sure why, but I'm not a manager so I'm not asking them why either 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Absolutely nothing. The only decent thing I've gotten is a pretty decent rain jacket as part of the uniform, but no discounts or any other perks. To my knowledge, only warehouse workers get those.

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Usually McDonald's haha, but I just look for the closest business. They do give you two 15 minute breaks, where I try to use the bathroom if I need to. I definitely try to only eat snacks until I'm close to being done, so if I need to poop, I can do it once I'm done with work, that way the breaks are actually rest breaks, which you definitely need.

Same thing goes for water. I try to only drink what I really need, to avoid multiple bathroom trips. Some of the guys definitely have used bottles though, that's not uncommon unfortunately

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Thanks for the thought.

As far as I know, there's no rule against tips. Best way I'd recommend you do it, is leave some specific notes of where you'd like the package to be left, and then leave the note and cash right there. You don't necessarily have to write in the app or order instructions that you're tipping, make sure they just do as you ask as far as a delivery spot, and they'll get rewarded. I think that's fair too, keeps the driver accountable.

Personally, I'd definitely take it. I could use it.

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I'd definitely call the cops if I saw someone stealing packages.

Once the package is delivered my attention is usually ahead of me on the road, and the next stop, so I may not notice it personally. I try to put the packages out of sight if possible. A big flower pot, pillars, chairs... If you don't have anything in your porch tho, I don't go around your house. I imagine if the owner, or a neighbor sees me carefully looking for something behind the house, it would look suspicious, so I try to avoid it.