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Does everyone in the mental hospital wear straight jackets and sit in a padded room?

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Honestly, the biggest thing you can do is care. You need to reach out to them, even if they don't reach out to you. It can be hard to reach out when you'd rather be dead. And when you reach out, just be supportive. Do the best you can to show them that you care about them, and you always will, no matter what they feel like, even if they're being rude, chances are it's the mental illness speaking. Just use your heart, if they know that you are there for them, care about them, and will continue to stick with them no matter what they go through, that's all you really can do. If you're not super close to them, just send them a message every now and then, asking hows it going, things like that. If it's someone you're close to, hugs are a big help. Just everytime you see them, try and give atleast one good hug. People need love.

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No. Not even close.

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After I was going through a month long phase of psychosis, I had a big falling out with almost every family member. I haven't talked to them since Christmas of 2014, except my mom, I text her I love her every now and then, because she did raise me 2/3 of the time and I know she loves me. The person who has been there for me the most, has been my dad. He didn't quite know how to cope with my problems, or how to help at first, but after a lot of direct communication over time, he is now my best friend. Me and him have gone through a lot. He's always wanted the best for me, and goes out of his way to make sure I'm okay, I'm happy, and if I'm not he's very good at helping me calm down about certain things. He also knows my financial struggle, so he slips me a $20 every now and then to help me along which is nice. I love my dad more than anything. I really hope I die before him, because to lose my father and best friend, with the relationship we have, would leave me never the same. - Finally, I do have a very small friend group who helps support me, but it's hard to get support when you need it sometimes if you're low on money for gas and whatnot.

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It began with my very first serious relationship. I'll try and make this short. Two typical stoner high school kids, lost virginity too, etc. meet up, fall in love. Plan on being together forever. Well, my psychotic thinking started to take over after about 6 months of the relationship. Any guy she talked to, all I thought was what she said, did she flirt, does she like him, all of that. I was very paranoid of losing her, which caused me to constantly fight about stupid shit in our relationship. It got to a point where I told her we should break up because I was very suicidal/depressed, felt worthless, and that she'd be better without me. That's true, but that didn't mean I didn't need her. So as soon as she agreed to take time off to work on ourselves, I thought she was gone forever. I (being a stupid high schooler) texted my girlfriend about how I planned to kill myself. (The texts were sent at the end of last period, high school). I leave school walk out to my car, and my parents grab me, throw me in their car, child locks on, dont say a word and bring me to my first mental hospital ever. I was gone for a week, and I honestly felt like a new man, like I was just having a very bad day that let me to say that stuff, so when I got home, I had that same girlfriend over. Within an hour of meeting her at my house, she confesses that she has anorexia and body dysmorphia and is going to an eating disorder hospital soon, and that we were over. This caused all my problems to fall back on me, but 10x worse. So I went in a second time, to the same mental hospital. What do you know? I see her there while passing the other unit. She's got a feeding tube down her nose. And that's the last I ever heard of her. I still love her.

TO REALLY ANSWER YOUR QUESTION: I felt like my brain was detatched from my body, I knew I was suicidal and depressed, I had crazy psychotic thoughts, and more. Only my girlfriend noticed my mental illness at first.